Automated Voice Messaging (AVM) is one of the most flexible, interactive and effective digital communication strategies available.

Due to the high priority and immediacy of a phone call, AVM allows you to get a branded and relevant message to your customer in a personalised manner, at scale. Capacity of reach is far greater than through traditional telemarketing and lower cost per interaction. If required in specific campaigns, ZETZ provides the ability to connect customers with traditional agents once their response has been indicated in order for the desired outcome to be fully utilised.

Examples of AVMs that ZETZ provides include:

  • Broadcast AVM – these are one-way voice messages which can be personalised with no interaction capability added
  • Interactive AVM – this adds a more basic level of interaction to outbound voice messages with customer keypad input responses, personalised variables such as names, dates and amounts can be read our and the callflow is designed to guide customers to take particular action.
  • Call on demand – Used in triggered based events like OTP, alerts, alarms.

Solutions we offer which utilise our AVM platform include debt collection, lead generation and high urgency notifications

Complimentary to being able to execute campaigns, ZETZ is also able to supply data which is specific to your target audience.