ZETZ Telco Services:

Cutting edge Voice Solutions for the 21st Century.

ZETZ has a variety of voice offerings which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We are a tier 1 voice provider with a passion for changing the face of VoIP. With connections to some of the largest networks in South Africa and around the world as well as a physical presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town, New York, Jerusalem and London, our redundancy ensures that your services are always up, always working and always saving you money.

From Cloud PBX to SIP Trunking, depending on your needs, we have a solution for you.

Standard Features:

Regardless of whether you select a hosted PBX solution, a SIP trunk or simple number termination, we are able to offer the following services:

Number Hosting
We can provide you with your own phone numbers. We offer both Geographical numbers such as 011, 010, 012, 021, 031, 041, 051 etc as well as non Geographical numbers such as 087, 086 etc.

Number Porting
We are able to port your existing phone numbers to our platform which means that you do not need to change your phone number if you decide to move over to ZETZ.

Low Call Rates
National fixed line, Mobile as well as international call rates that we offer are the most competitive in the market.

Voice Services we offer:

Z-PBX (Pronounced Zee-pee-bee-ex)

The feature rich, all-in-one hosted PBX Platform which enables any business to access the most innovative technology with features which ensure all needs are met at a fraction of the cost of a physical on-site PBX.


The Cloud PBX solution is a fully redundant service hosted on our servers in multiple data centres across the globe. This service is scalable, reliable and offers the ability for business to function without having to worry about phone issues.


IVR/Auto Attendant
Ring Groups
Call Hunting
Voicemail to Email
Call Forwarding
Follow Me

Free inter-branch Calls
Low Call Rates
Itemized Billing
PIN Dialing
Call Recording (Additional Charges Apply)
Full call detail records.

The Z-PBX solution is powered by our Cloud PBX PortaOne platform.

Z-SIP: (Pronounced Zee Sii-p)

For the business that has invested in a physical PBX platform, we are able to offer rates which are literally MIND BLOWING.


If all you require is termination and/or phone numbers, our SIP trunking solution can offer you the best call quality with the best rates.

Authentication can be done either via username/password or trusted IP.

Call costs from 25c per minute for national fixed line and 35c per minute for all mobile networks, depending on call volumes and package chosen.

The Z-SIP solution is powered by our class 4 SIP Softswitch.

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Other solutions we offer:

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