The use of SMS/text messages is an established, widely
used and continually growing avenue of digital marketing.

ZETZ can enrich customer conversations with personalisation that ensures relevant and timely text messages are delivered and responded to.  ZETZ is able to provide highly competitive pricing in a way that allows companies to choose the most suitable package (ie time sensitive or not) for the campaign’s needs as well as to track their spending in a cost-controlled method.

ZETZ offers 2 types of SMS options

Outbound One Way SMS
Simple one-way informational text messages such as notifications and updates. Fast, and easy to set up, send and keeps customers up-to-date.

Outbound Interactive SMS
With these messages, there are triggers to guide customers to their responses such as transferring call back into call centre, directing to specific URLS, trigger outbound voice messages and capture and rate responses.

Some of the benefits of ZETZ’s SMS campaigns include:

Unlimited personalisation
No limit on number of contacts per campaign
Message length in excess of 160 characters
Complete message interaction audit trail
Fully automated
Trigger SMS on specific events
Run multiple campaign simultaneously

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