The way in which we
communicate has changed

ZETZ is a technology driven company that specialises
in outbound digital communication strategies.


Digital Communication

We live in an ever-changing digital world, a world where the way in which we communicate has changed drastically. Research conducted shows that six out of the seven billion people in the world have mobile phones and that most people check their phones approximately 150 times a day.

Thus, digital communication is fast becoming the primary method by which customer engagement channels between companies and their clients must be invested in and utilised to ensure that companies are able to keep up with their clients’ needs.

ZETZ specialises in unified communications and telecommunications solutions which enable businesses to engage in the technology which has defined the 21st period, also known as, the year Y2K and beyond.

With our solutions, from marketing, lead generation, client relationship management to telecommunications, we are well equipped to partner with your company to ensure that you are able to function at your highest potential.

Welcome to the future of business, at the speed of light. Let ZETZ assist you with our unique solutions and wealth of expertise to create an advantageous and mutually beneficial relationship between your business and your clients.

What We Offer

We offer large scale automated digital processes via one or more of these digital channels.

We create custom communication strategies for user journeys

ZETZ understands that customer communication and interaction is vital for any company to grow, maintain and enhance their levels of customer satisfaction and increase revenue. ZETZ provides outbound solutions that are relevant and interactive, will help you manage your resources more efficiently, increase first time resolution and reduce your inbound traffic volumes.

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